You Can Lead A Horse To Kangen Water…

10 12 2012

…And you won’t have to force it to drink! Horses love Kangen! Read the remarkable stories about horses recovering from infection, experiencing more productive training and filling out their bodies as their trainers turned to Kangen water. All of these stories are from either professional trainers, breeders, or competitors. If Kangen water works these wonders for the best of the best, imagine what it can do for the animals in your life!

Olympic and Breeder’s Cup horse trainer Jeff Jensen has spoken very publicly about his use of 9.5 Kangen water with his horses and how his horses responded with more energy, better digestion and better reaction times. Below are even more horses who have had great results.

Pet Name: Guinness          Species: Thoroughbred Horse

Location: Antelope, CA    Types of water used: 2.5, 9.5, 11.5

GuinessMy horse is 5 years old and he gets 4-5 gallons of Kangen  Water™ a day.  He definitely chooses his  Kangen bucket over his water trough when it is full.  His coat is AMAZING and he recovers from his  work Hunter/ Jumper work quite well.  He  rarely ever shows any soreness. I soak  his lunch (not hay) and supplements with 9.5 as well so they can be absorbed  more efficiently into his body as he is still filling out and we’re trying to  put weight on as well.  I have used 2.5  on thrush as well as cuts and scrapes that he gets from being turned out since  he is still a baby and plays a lot. I  have definitely seen an increase in his energy and playfulness when turning him  out from before he had this water.  I  also recommend 11.5 for soaking and cleaning your bits.  I just cleaned my copper full cheek snaffle  for the first time with 11.5 and the dirt came right off.  I then dipped it into 2.5 as well! I also have several dogs that drink Kangen Water™, and they love it! -Dani

Pet Name: Tika                 Species: Dutch Warmblood Mare

Location: Vienna, VA      Types of water used: 2.5, 8.5

tika My name is Skyeler Icke and I am an international equestrian specializing in the sport of three-day eventing.  Tika has been my international partner for the last 4 years.  Together we have competed all over the country and represented the US in many CCI three day events. In the summer of this year Tika got a cellulitis infection that spread through her blood stream and eventually traveled to her stifle joint.  She was rushed into immediate surgery and we lost most of our competition season this year. The vets believe the infection started due to a weakened immune system and the stress of performance and travel. Cellulitis can begin when the bacteria enters through any scrape or cut in the skin. I began using the Kangen Water™ machine shortly after her surgery.  I have been giving her the 8.5 on a daily basis.  I then use the 2.5 to wash her legs after she has any skin irritation or cut.  Since using the Kangen Water™, Tika has been back to her high level of performance.  She has not had any recurrence of cellulitis which she used to get a couple times a year. She is back in international competition and even with the 5 months off of competing this year, she has finished in the top 10 event mares in the country for 2009.


Pet Name: Army Guy                 Species: Quarter Horse

Location: Los Alamitos, CA      Types of water used: 2.5, 9.5

army_guy_horseI train race horses on the West Coast. I have a big  Quarter horse that developed a breathing problem that required surgery. It is a  pretty common operation and the affected throat flap, “a trapped or closed  epiglottis” is surgically repaired.

I had sent the horse back up to my ranch in Oregon and my  wife Shelly was handling it. She called me a couple days later and said the Vet had  come and performed the surgery but had to open the throat up pretty good to get  to the problem. The horse got antibiotics and the wound was treated but  left open to drain, which is normal.

A few days later Shelly called again and said even though  she was applying the wound salve the Vet left for her the wound was get  infected and starting to smell, The following day she said it was getting real  bad and the next day it was stinking so much she could barely go into the barn.  By evening she could smell it all the way up at the house- a good hike away!

I had just bought my Kangen Water™ Ionizer and liked what  the water had done for Shelly and myself just from drinking it.  At first Shelly wanted to kill me for buying  this crazy water deal machine but she was liking it because her complexion  cleared right up and she felt a lot better too. My martial arts workouts and  progress has been huge since I started.

Well we had been told that the 2.5 pH acid water could  stop infections and we were out of time and choices so I asked Shelly to give  it a try! She made some and sprayed it on a couple times a day and  son of a gun if the smell and the wound didn’t start to get better in a day.  IN THREE DAYS IT HAD REALLY GOT TO HEALING! There was no more smell and no  proud flesh, it was really something.

That horse healed up twice as fast as  other horses that never got infected! I told my buddies that I was all in  believing in the Kangen Water™. We are using it more and more and liking how  good all the horses are doing with it. We are using it on as many horse as we can and I hope to  get my third machine, a Super501 for all the horses at the barn!


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