Autism and Alkaline Water

9 04 2013

Scientific studies regarding autism have recently made their way into the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and national headlines across the country. The studies suggest a genetic mutation as the cause of autism. However, the fine print clearly states that this mutation is found in only approximately 1% of autism patients. Despite these rather insignificant scientific findings, there is a theory that developed years ago that is now gaining momentum. Perhaps brain disorders are developed even before birth and are related to the digestive system. Highly acidic bodies and dehydration are two of the most common physical symptoms of Autism and Asberger’s Syndrome. Alkaline water, and particularly Kangen water are having huge results allowing the body to treat the symptoms by helping it to return to a natural alkaline state. The videos below are from a grandmother who witnessed the transformation in her grandson after introducing the family to Kangen water and then a ┬ámessage from Doctor Corrine Winder from the Advanced Learning And Development Institute. Dr. Winder incorporates Kangen water into a treatment program with all of her patients and has seen shocking results in autism, ADHD, and more brain disorders.

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