MS Doesn’t Stand A Chance Vs Kangen

25 04 2013

In medical terms, multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder in which healthy cells of the brain and spinal cord are attacked. For the afflicted, MS is a disease that causes a number of painful and uncomfortable symptoms that make a normal life virtually impossible. In lay terms, it’s a painful, irritating pain in the you-know-what.

Multiple Sclerosis is actually an advanced symptom of acidosis, or an increased acidity in the body and the blood stream. It causes the body to launch an inflammatory response to attack healthy parts of the nerves as if they were a foreign illness.  The healthy cells in the brain and the spinal cord  become inflamed as they are attacked, causing necrosis, apoptosis, and pain.

We’ve discussed it here on Dangerous Water, talked about it at, and a massive amount of research and independently performed studies have proven that ionized alkaline water helps the body to lower its acidity level, thereby decreasing uncomfortable inflammatory conditions, and aids the body in handling auto immune diseases. Kangen water helps to take your body from a toxic, rotting-from-the-inside state, keeps it properly hydrated and provides an environment in which healing is finally possible.

At Dangerous Water, we genuinely want to see every person with an Enagic machine of their own. The health benefits alone are so remarkable that it pains us to see anyone suffer from an acidosis related disease (and there are so many of them) when it’s simply not necessary. We will work with you and do everything we can to get an Enagic machine in your home as soon as possible. There is a way that you or a loved one no longer has to suffer from the damaging symptoms that are destroying everyday life. Let us help and be a part of your story.



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10 05 2013

In 2006 when I had to move my legs with my hands to get into and out of the car, I could not raise my hands up a certain way or move my sheet while I was in bed so my Dr diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and Depression. The Neurologist said in 2011, normally when we find MS you can just about trace it back 2-6 years beforehand. I have been sick for a long time and just now got a name for it all…
I was tired all the time, couldn’t even go shopping without crashing for 2 days.
My mind was very foggie, I wouldn’t talk on the phone, I wouldn’t go to work. I spent a year sick with the meds for MS. My life was terrible! I stopped doing the shots and then a couple of months later a friend of mine found out I had MS and put her SD501 in my house for months, but it didn’t take months. In the first few days I felt clearer that I had since 2006. The longer I drank the water the better I felt and the less I crashed. “Crash=in bed for 2 or more days doing nothing but sleeping.” I used to crash every time I went out. Now 8 months of Kangen Water I crash maybe every 3 months or so.
I am now working and I went traveling all over Georgia for the last 4 months. I crashed once there and once since I got home, been home 6 weeks now.
Life is Great! Thank God he brought Kangen Water into my life!!!

“I now have a life!”

Dinah Jewel
Ocoee, Fl.

10 05 2013

Wow, Dinah, that’s a wonderful testimonial! I would love to know, how did you hear about We are trying to get the word out about this water to as many people as humanly possible and we love that you found us! Also, would you mind if we share your story on our new testimonial page? That way, even more people can read it and hopefully bring Kangen Water into their life!

10 05 2013

Megan Bodman contacted me on facebook and asked if I would share. So you can use my story where ever you want to place it.

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